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STARTERS - Vegeterian

Prices are exclusive of 5% VAT and 10% service charge

Mini Masala Dosa N1200

Rice lentils crepes filled with curried potatoes,

Served with coconut chutney and sambar                             

Medu Vada N1200

Black lentil dumplings deep fried served with coconut relish and sambar.                                                

Dahi Vada N1200

Black lentil dumplings, deep fried, served with fresh yoghurt.                            

Vegetarian Samosa N1200

Potatoes, peas, indian cheese and fresh corn, served with tamarind chutney               

Potato Wada N1200                                                       

Boneless Wild Giwan Ruwa, cooked to order in our traditional Spices

Beetroot Cutlet N1200                                                    

Curried Beef patties crumbed and pan fried, served with sour yoghurt

Cauliflower Chilli Fry N1200                                         

Crispy fried and tossed in yoghurt, green chill and curry leaves                                                                           

Sweet Potato Fritters N1200                                      

Sweet Potato, fresh Coriander and onion infused cashew nut fritters                                                                                    


Crab Samosa N1500                                                      

 Claw meat with curried leaves, ginger and green  chillies                                          

Goan Style Fried Prawns N2750                              

King Prawns marinated in goan spices, dusted in semolina and deep fried                               

Lamb Pepper Fry N2750                                               

A Kerela Specialty

Chicken Chill Fry N1500                                                 

 Boneless Chicken, tossed in yoghurt, green chillies and curry leaves


All main courses are served with your choice of:

1) Steamed Rice 2) Kerela Paratha (Flaky Wheat Bread)

3) Whole Wheat Chappati (Whole Wheat Bread) or 4) Appams (Spongy Rice Pancake)


Mixed Seafood Curry N3500

Giwan Ruwa, King Prawns and Squid cooked in Mangalorean spice mix.                                                         

Seafood Moilee N3500

Giwan Ruwa, Shrimps, King Prawns and cubes of potatoes simmered in a spicy coconut and chill sauce.                                                        

Allapuzha Fish Curry N3500

 Boneless Nile Perch, simmered in moderately spiced gravy of freshly ground coconut, ginger and raw mangoes.  

Seafood Biryani N4500

Giwan Ruwa, King Prawns, shrimps and calamari cooked with basmati rice                       

Prawn Masala N5950

Prawns marinated and cooked with onions, tomatoes, mustard and coconut masala 

Spicy Jumbo Prawn N6950

Jumbo wild tiger prawns marinated in spices

Lamb & Poultry

Kori Gassi N2950

Boneless chicken, cooked with chilli, coariander and tamarind                                               

Chicken Sukka N2950

 Boneless chicken marinated in in chilli and cumin                     .                                                                                       

Chicken Varatha Curry N2950

Chicken legs on bone, cooked in brow coconut rice in spice cream                     

Suriani Duck Roast N2950

Slow cooked in Kerela spices                                                          

Leg of Lamb N6500

Braised lamb leg with whole spices, served on masala flavoured basmati rice                                                         

Lamb Nihari N3500

Braised lamb shanks in aromatic Indian spices                          .                    


Black Peppered Lamb Ribs N3500

Lamb ribs braised in whole peppercons and other aromatic spices

Goat Curry N3500

Grass fed goat leg, cut on the bone, slow cooked in Indian spices                   

Lamb Biryani N3500

Whole spice flavoured basmati rice and lamb leg on the bone cooked together

Traditional Kerela Beef Curry N3500

Beef, cooked in Kerela spices and coconut slivers                           .


Rava Upuma N2500

Semolina cooked with vegetables and cashew nuts                           .           

Vegetable Biryani N2500

Seasonal vegetables and basmati rice cooked together while whole spices and served with raita                                                        

Chickpea Curry (Chana Masala)N2500

Slow cooked chickpeas in aromatic gravy                                                      .                                                                             

Wahala Dal N2500

Traditional South Indian Yellow dal                                                   .

Plain Dosa N2000

Lentil and rice crepes served with sambar and chutney               .                                                  .

Onion and Chilli Uttapam N2500

Rice and lentil pancake topped with with chilli , served with sambar and chutney

Shrimps Idili N2500

Idili steamed with shrimps served with red fish curry sauce and chutneys

Tamarind Rice (Puligograe) N2500

Basmati rice cooked with tamarind, roasted peanuts and sesame seeds with pappad & sambar 

Khadai Paneer N2500                                                                    

Homemade cheese in Khadai spices                                               .        

Garlicky Spinach with Indian Cheese (Palak Paneer) N2500

Pureed spinach with browned garlic or homemade cheese

Mixed Vegetable Curry N3500

Seasonal vegetables in creamy curry sauce                                           .

Masala Dosa N2500

Plain dosa filled with curried potato and green beans, served with sambar and chutney                                                .

Idili N2000

Steamed rice and lentil dumplings served with sambar and chuntey                                             .