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MW Salad

Roast beets, sweet potato orange fillet and bean sprouts in a spicy tamarind and chilli dressing  



Davi Vada

Deep fried lentil dumplings in sweet and sour yogurt, served chilled  



Cauliflower Chilli Fry

Crispy fried and tossed in yoghurt, green chilli & curry leaves 


Prawns Ghee Roast

Half a dozen prawns sauteed in butter and spices



Sweet Potato & Cashew Fritters

Sweet Potato, fresh coriander and onion infused cashew fritters  



Mini Masala Dosa

Rice and lentil crepes filled with curried potatoes and coconut relish 


Vegetable Samosas

Curried Vegetables in pastry, deep fried with tamarind chutney 


Crab Samosas

Deep fried Crab triangles served with tamarind chutney


Chicken Chilli Fry

Boneless chicken marinated and tossed in yoghurt, green chillies and curry leaves



Lamb Cutlets

Minced lamb flavoured with Kerela spices, crumbed and pan fried




All main courses are served with your choice of:

1) Steamed Rice 2) Kerela Paratha (Flaky Wheat Bread)

3) Whole Wheat Chappati (Whole Wheat Bread) or 4) Appams (Spongy Rice Pancake)



Allapuzha Meen Curry

Boneless Nile Perch, simmered in a moderately spiced gravy of freshly ground coconut, ginger & raw mangoes



Prawn Masala

Prawns marinated & cooked with onions, tomatoesm mustard & coconut masala


Seafood Moilee

Giwan Ruwa, King Prawns and cubes of potatoes poached in spicy coconut and chillu sauce 



Jumbo Prawns Curry

Mixed Seafood Curry

Giwan ruwa, King prawns and squid cooked in Mangalorean spice mix 


Spicy Jumbo Prawns


Khadai' Paneer

Home made cheese tossed in Khadai spices


 Wahala Dal

Traditional South Indian yellow dal


Potato Masala


Fresh Mushroom Masala

 Green Mung Dal

Slow cooked and tempered with black pepper and dried red chilli


 Crispy Okro

Thinly sliced batter fried tossed in onion, tomato and crushed pepper


Vegetable Biryani

Seasonal vegetables & basmati rice, served with raita


Mixed Vegetable Curry

Plain Dosa

Lentil and Rice Crepes with Sambar & Chutney


Masala Dosa

Plain Dosa Filled with Curried Potatoes with Sambar & Chutney



 Steamed Rice and Lentil dumplings with sambar & chutney



Malabar Lamb Biryani

Basmati rice and lamb slow cooked with whole spices


 Lamb Esthew

Lamb leg, slow cooked in coconut milk and Kerela Spices


Chicken Sukka

Boneless chicken marinated in coconut, chilli and cumin


Lamb Nihari

Braised lamb in aromatic Indian spices


 Thaarav Roast

Duck roast-Syrican Christian specialty from Kerla


Kori Gassi

Succulent pieces of chicken, cooked with chillies, coriander and tamarind 


Mangalorean Lamb Curry

A specialty from South Canara 

Milagu Kozhi Chettinad

Boneless chicken cooked in black pepper and tomatoes